Is Banky W’s EME actually going to do something with Niyola now that she’s basically the only act on the label?

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I heard Eniola Akinbo aka Niyola sing years ago, even before she signed with Banky W’s Empire Mates Entertainment (EME), and I’ve never stopped looking up periodically to see what’s going on with her career. Banky W is an artist turned entrepreneur who founded EME in 2002. In 2009 he signed Wizkid and Skales, among several acts. In 2012, he signed Shaydee and Niyola. Almost everyone with the exception of Banky W and Niyola has exited the label. Nevertheless, it remains very unclear what EME is doing with Niyola.

Niyola is talented, beautiful, and has the potential to be successful yet she has just been shelved on the label for years. WHY? How long does it take for artist development for the so-called first lady of EME? How long does it take to get the requisite funding to market and promote this very talented young woman? When we did see some attempt at marketing and promoting her, it included Banky W shooting a music video, right after his film school, to showcase his own talent. Was that meant to cut operational cost or was that just an experiment at the expense of Niyola?

I’ve been asking for years on this blog why a talent like Niyola is just shelved on the EME music shelf. No one can seem to give me an answer. After the subsequent launch of the AML podcast show, I extended an invitation to Banky to have that discussion, among other things. I honestly and genuinely want to know why such a talent, that I actually do like, is just sitting there. Why?

Also, now that Shaydee has left the label, what exactly are Banky W’s plans as to Niyola? How long does Niyola have to sit on EME’s label before they appreciate the treasure they have and do something about this talent?

Niyola’s discography per Wikipedia

Year Title Album
2012 Don’t Delay Me (Don’t Go There) Empire State Of Mind Album (Feature)
2013 Be My Lover R&BW by Banky W (Feature)
2013 Toh Bad Single
2013 Crazy Single
2013 Belle No Be Showglass ft. Sound Sultan Single
2014 No comment Single by Lynxxx (Feature)
2014 Love To Love You ft. Banky W
2015 The Word
2015 Last Bus Stop
2015 Go On

Again, EME, really? Five years later and we can only show 10 published singles, three of which are features and a few covers, no album, lack of consistency, long lapses, and she is supposed to succeed? HOW?

In a dynamic and ever-changing industry and looking at the life cycle of an artist in the business, this is beyond ridiculous and in my view, unacceptable.

I don’t get this particular arrangement and I don’t think I’ll stop asking this question from time to time until I get a concrete answer.

-Ms. Uduak

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  1. Only reason she there hanging is lack of hit if not she would have dump Banky W long time, leaving now will strip her of importance without a hit or major label,right now she is seating on a fence looking for a miracle , i think next year she should apply for big brother 2018.She known to be very rude.To those who don’t know her think she like a good girl you can take to mama.She should work on her attitude and loose that Beyonce accent ,go back to basic ,co write.STOP WRITING SONGS ALONE!!!!!. .STOP RUNNING ABROAD TO SHOT MUSICAL VIDEOS,WHO? PROSPER FROM SHOOTING ABROAD ALL NA WATCH.
    I HAVE YOUR ALBUM FROM WESTSIDE (MASSIVE) and ALL YOUR GREAT SINGLES TO DATE INCLUDING VIDEOS. If i talk you direct on this issue i will become your enemy ,read online and start guessing 🙂

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