Celebrities Behaving Badly: Eva Alordiah v. Linda Ikeji

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Alleged Facts: Linda Ikeji allegedly heard Eva Alordiah confess to being sexually molested as a child on Hot FM Abuja Breakfast Show with Tutu and Cheezy Charles. She took to her blog and posted the following statement attributing it to what Alordiah said on air.

“We are such a country that is so blessed by God. We don’t have earthquake, volcanoes, tsunami. We are problems to ourselves and this is disgusting. I come from a background where I was molested as a child. Definitely it’s a serious situation where you have to put a child through that type of trauma.”

In response, Alordiah had this to say to Ikeji, of which Ikeji retorted below:
Eva Alordiah v Linda Ikeji Celebrities Behaving Badly

Eva Alordiah v Linda Ikeji Celebrities Behaving Badly 2

Which celebrity, if any, is behaving badly?

p.s. Photo of Eva used for illustration purposes only.


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