Celebrities Behaving Badly: Publicist to the Stars EGOR EFIOK Rains Abuses Like a Ton of Bricks on Celebrity Blogger Linda Ikeji

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I have said that when I began this category on AML, which was triggered by the unwarranted attack Seun Kuti (Fela’s son) hurled on twitter at Storm Records executive Obi Asika, I honestly never imagined it would grow as fast as it has and that there would be continuous content displaying foolishness on all kinds of levels by our celebrities on social media. But indeed, it is the case and it is what it is. Actually, this category on AML, if you all must know, is my least favorite, although from the stats, many enjoy it. Anyway on to the latest Celebrities Behaving Badly (CBB) post.

I am unsure the justification for Egor Efiok’s behavior towards celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji. Ikeji allegedly posted a designer bag on her social media page and it was allegedly sufficient enough for Efiok to rain abuses like a ton of bricks on Ikeji. Egor Efiok, a Celebrity Publicist to the stars, SHOULD KNOW better. This is ridiculous and silly from a grown woman like Efiok and especially a Publicist for that matter.


Egor Efiok v Linda Ikeji

By the way, blogger SDK referenced in Efiok’s abuse manifesto, took to her blog to ask Efiok to leave her out of the dispute. You can read it here. *Le Sigh* By the way, why are many Nigerians always so caught up with pointing out that someone used to be poor? And so what? What’s wrong with being poor and getting yourself out of the poverty trenches without, especially as a woman, sleeping around and doing it on your terms? The stupidness of this abuse that I guess is suppose to make the recipient feel bad beats me. Click on image for full view of the rants.

Egor Efiok v Linda Ikeji 1

Egor Efiok v Linda Ikeji 2

Egor Efiok v Linda Ikeji 3


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  1. Lol! My sister has finished me oh! Why nawwww? Lol. What baffles me anyway, is whether people cannot decipher that this is a reply to a comment that was deleted by Linda who is now trying to play the victim. If you knew the origin of all this and what caused this particular outburst of mine, you'd be annoyed on my behalf. I admit that I should have 'held my fire', but if I'm being honest, I don't regret my actions. This has nothing to do with anyone being poor before and is now rich; it has more to do with someone who was humble when they were poor and then suddenly developed a stinking attitude when they became rich…someone who used to look forward to helping you promote your clients in their humble days would now reply your emails asking to promote your A-list client, "I am not blogging it, who are they again"? You wipe your eyes to ensure you are reading well, while wondering if this is the 'friend' you have known for years sending you such or did she mistake you for someone else? In shock, you ask her if it is you she is talking to like that and she emails back, "only joking"! After that, more incidents occur including her giving yourself and your clients bad press under the guise of being 'mischievous' as she put it and by now you know that this so-called once-upon-a-time friend is now a snake (as her name aptly depicts). And as for the boasting…if I get started on that, you'd be more than irritated, so for those that say I'm jealous, na dem sabi. Some things are better left unsaid. It is because of the respect I have for you that I have explained this much. When someone informed me that you 'blasted me' on your site and sent me the link, I just laughed and said to him, "don't mind her", lol, cos I realised that like millions of others, you were baffled at just seeing my rant, without realising that it was in response to Linda who deleted both her comment and my first one and just left my second comment there to make it look like I woke up from the wrong side of the bed and decided to attack her. After that, she sent her smelly ugly ratchet sister, Laura, to rain abuses at me under a link on a Ghanaian site where I paid homage to the late Komla Dumor. I heard she left about ten comments without having respect for the soul of the departed legend and the rest of the people paying homage to him, which unsurprisingly shocked and annoyed the owners of the Ghanaian site. I never read her comments, but have a lot of Ghanaian friends that told me about them; I was also informed that she abused my daughter under the same link. I promised myself never to read her comments so that my prayer of her own curses chopping her, the writer, will fully manifest IJMN – AMEN! And that's for having the audacity to mention my angelic innocent daughter's name. After seeing the uncouth manner in which that rat abused Emmy Collins after he chastised her over her poverty mentality antics of posting receipts of her sister's designer bag purchases, I just disliked her the way I detest rodents or creepy crawlies; that's how much she repulses me. She's a stupid dirty churchrat, which is why I can never trade words with her or read anything that she supposedly sends me. Linda, I can manage to answer for old times sake, but not her. My sister, these people are totally irrelevant to me, honest. Sorry about the new rant. Couldn't help it…

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