About that Unprofessional Interview Victor Okpala Conducted with Skales

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Victor Okpala, a vlogger who has a media partnership with The Net.ng, recently interviewed musician Skales on his show ‘Vibes with Victor’. At some point, the discussion centered on whether one of Skales musical works was “genius” or not. Skales insisted it was. Okpala disagreed. There is nothing wrong with Okapla voicing his opinion about his view of Skales music, and disagreeing. Just because you invite someone to your show, doesn’t mean you become their “yes” man or woman and cannot have an independent opinion about their work. So, that’s not the issue. However, when it becomes clear you do not share the same opinion on a topic, you can and should agree to disagree, and then move on. Rather than argue to the point where it becomes unprofessional.

I don’t know what Okpala was thinking but to me he was unprofessional.

Watch and give me your take. You may see it differently and disagree with my view.

I have watched prior interviews by Okpala. I particularly enjoyed the one he did with M.I Abaga. I thought it was brilliant. This one with Skales, definitely falls short.

-Ms. Uduak

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