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Stingomania Ready to STING, it’s Legal War Zones as Ope Banwo Takes on Trybson Dudukoko, Baba Nee and Frank Nero

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NIGERIAN RECORD LABELS FIGHT BACK? As an insider, record labels have informed me about how artists breach their contracts over and over again and they feel helpless to do anything, partly because of fear of negative press/publicity. A few have even sought my PR consultation services. I touched on Stignomania records and I am yet to even take it on …

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It’s War! Stignomania Records Legal Showdown v. Artists Trybson Dudukoko & Baba Nee #Breach of Contract

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Industry people y’all know how it is. Time is not on my side today. So much to do, too little time. But, I’mma come deal with this later. If I don’t you guys remind me to. But, mennnh! This is serious stuff. “Stingomania 360’s boss Ope Banwo has withdrawn all material of two of his label acts, Trybson Dudukoko and …