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Celebrities Behaving Badly: “Idad!” K-SOLO & Battered Pregnant Wife Give New Meaning to “MADNESS!”

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*Sigh.* “Idad!” is a word I know Eket people, in the Akwa-Ibom area where my family hails from in Nigeria, use to describe people who have gone completely mad. If these two are not mad, I don’t know what else to say. Quick history Nigerian artist K-Solo beats the living day lights out of his wife, on a regular. After …

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VIDEO: Fashion and Entertainment Lawyer Uduak Oduok Celebrates AML 1 Year Anniversary! #Musiclaw #fashionlaw

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Let’s make it official! HAPPY NEW WEEK AML People! I shot this video specifically for you all on August 22nd, 2012, the eve of AML Anniversary. The goal was to have it edited and ready to go for August 23rd, 2012, the actual anniversary date. No way Jose! I had to save it for the weekend. I finally got the …

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Breaking News: Legal ‘Storm’ Brewing as Obi Asika’s Storm 360 “Fires” Company Director Olisa Adibua #NigerianCompanyLaw

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I’d be lying if I said I liked or was a fan of Olisa Adibua. I  do not care for the guy. This is solely based on his violent attack against a 99.9 Beat FM employee. The facts were aggregious and that employee was ultimately terminated while Adibua continues as an employee at the radio station. I have a problem …

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‘Awesomely Bad Video’ on AML Inspired by Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Bitch Bad’

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Haaaaaappy Friday! (*Singing it!*) ‘Sup AML people! Phew! Long week, even longer day but it’s all good. I will wrap my week up on AML with this post on Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Bitch Bad Video.’ I love his video and the message. You all should start seeing the ‘Awesomely Bad Video’ category here on AML. The category is inspired by Lupe …

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Africa Music Law™ CELEBRATES ONE YEAR Today! Your Comments + THANK YOU!

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Today, one year ago, I started Africa Music Law™ to help alleviate my restlessness on making a meaningful contribution to future generations of Nigerian children and the young ones right behind me. Many, not understanding my vision, were pissed. Professionals in the industry called me, sent bb messages, emails, texts etc. letting me know how very angry they were at …