Celebrities Behaving Badly: DONALD TRUMP ATTACKS Arianna Huffington … No Wonder Your Husband Left

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“After they will say Africans are backwards, savages etc.” is what someone I know usually says when stories like this one surfaces. She does it complete with hand gestures and facial expressions that has me laughing. It is so hilarious.

Last week, I spoke about Nollywood actor Jim Iyke who attacked female blogger Linda Ikeji for a picture she supposedly posted showing  him eating roasted corn in a foreign country. Apparently Iyke did not like it. He got personal. He went for the kill attacking his perception of her ability or lack thereof  to tend to her man at home. It turns out it wasn’t even Linda Ikeji who wrote the story. Can someone say “silly?!” I questioned why he did not focus on the issue and why he had to get personal and sexist.

On this side of the pond, today, Donald Trump follows Jim Iyke in his sexist and personal attacks against Arianna Huffington, female and owner  of the Huffington Post.

TMZ reports:

Donald Trump has gotten downright nasty AND personal in his beef with Arianna Huffington … calling the media titan ugly and saying he understands why her husband left her for another man.

Trump just tweeted, “@ariannahuff is unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man- he made a good decision.”

For the record, Arianna and Michael Huffington split in 1997 … and a year later, the former congressman revealed that he’s bisexual. Michael is now a gay rights activist.

Trump has been ripping the Huffington Post ever since the website ran a story on August 16, which attempted to uncover why Donald has been so “crabby” recently. .  .”  TMZ.

AML Commentary

In a progressive country and for a man who claims to be progressive, really? This is a man who even attempted to become President? I shudder. Also, clearly ridiculous statements from him. Is he really attacking Arianna’s ability to keep a man? This is a man whose money wasn’t even enough to keep prior women. How many divorces? What standing does he have to attack Arianna Huffington? What a very backward statement and highly indicative that we are not quite there with women’s rights movements in certain aspects. Indeed, when male law makers and political candidates spend more time talking irrationally about women’s reproductive rights and then waste yet more time distinguishing between “legitimate rape” and “illegitimate rape,” maybe Trumps comments should not come as much of  a surprise.

By the way, since when exactly, in a so called progressive country, did women become defined by their ability or lack there of to keep a man?

Such utter nonsense.


Photocredit: TMZ

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