Ms. Uduak’s Nigerian Music Bible BOOK for the Industry in Progress . . . Please DO NOT Disturb!

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Hey AML people, I trust you all are well. I started the year on a strong note focused on writing a comprehensive book about the industry with a special focus on law and the business of music in Nigeria. The book encompasses digital distribution, publishing, licensing, law etc. and is told from an angle that easily translates to those looking to break into America’s music market. However, I have not been on that grind for some time now and I really need to. My book writing mojo is back and I am staying sharply focused on it. I am hoping I can finish the first draft before the year runs out and then focus on edits before working out the kinks with potential publishers. P.S: Publishers, feel free to contact me at (

For all, it will definitely be a gotta have, mustha have book. For AML Industry professionals in the USA, if you will do music business in Nigeria, then owning a copy of the book is non-negotiable.

What all of these translate to is that you will be seeing more music offerings here, for the rest of this month, as I hone in on completing this book.  I will from time to time, chime in on the must discuss news stories that hit the web. I will also be reaching out to some names I respect in the business both emerging and established industry professionals for an interview that encompasses some of the on the ground realities ranging from Alaba market to music touring.

I’m leaving this post on the right side bar so I can also remind myself each day I visit AML to get my writing on.

Catch you all soon on AML with your mp3s and videos you have sent that needs to be out the door, like yesterday.



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