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Sheesh! Hintsonline Magazine Blatantly Copies, All Sorts of Wrongs on Intellectual Property Fronts

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Sheesh people. I am blown away sometimes by the length thieves take in copying other people’s work i.e. content, trademarks etc. People, Nigeria’s legal systems might not be strong on the enforcement part, and yes intellectual property laws are still something Nigeria and the rest of Africa is trying to figure out. But, please believe me when I say there is …

Music: Ocean ‘Waka’ – Unexpected “Talent From a Girl So Big in Size”

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Mennnnh, sometimes I think we editors and bloggers have the worst job, ever. It’s like you have to read the craziest things to get to what matters. So, I received this press release from this talented artist’s camp. I am enjoying her work and thinking of sharing it when my eyes fall on this line in the press release, “Ocean …

Music: ‘Mercy Johnson’ by Danagog

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Thank God Danagog is in Nigeria. With the way USA celebrities are attempting to sue musicians for commercial gain, Danagog would have had to cough up a lot of money for how much he likes Mercy Johnson. But that is not an issue here. The real issue here is the promo picture he sent to the media for his song. …

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R2Bees Now Owners of Barcadis Nite Club in Ghana

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Nigerian and Ghanaian musicians are diversifying their portfolio and investing their Naira and Cedis in tangible businesses that should sustain them long after music is gone. P-Square revealed last year in an exclusive interview I had with them on their USA tour that they invested their monies in real estate. D’Banj has Koko water, garri, mobile, clothing label and now …