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May7ven Signs Music Deal with Skata Records Entertainment UK – Record Label Agreements

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Nigerian Entertainment Today (NET) reports  May7ven, British-Nigerian songstress, allegedly just inked a record label deal with Skata Records Entertainment (SRE). Who is SRE? I have never heard of them so I do not know. However, who they are is not per se relevant to you. What is relevant to you is, as an artist or a record label, is what …

Lynxxx & Friends Pepsi Campus Tour – What You Need to Know Before you Plan Your Music Tour

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Artist Lynxxx just completed his college campus music tour sponsored by Pepsi in three cities in Nigeria: Lagos, Ilorin, and Ibadan. The videos I have selected from his tours that you are about to watch, below, raises some things music talents and talents in general should consider before touring. So, let me address them and you all can then check …

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Winners NEA Awards 2011 + Superior Legal Minds Needed in Building Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry

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The 2011 Nigeria Entertainment Awards just wrapped up and while I wasn’t there, members of my Ladybrille team have been present this weekend covering the event, and of course keeping me updated. I can’t wait to actually read and hear their full report(s). Visit and to stay updated about news from the event. I’ve got a shortlist of some …

Music: Teeklef & Afrotunes ‘It Could Be You’

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I have just been waiting for Nigerian R &B artist Teeklef to really hit that music spot for me. There was just something missing in his sound even though he was clearly talented. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it but I think I finally figured out what that “something” was. It was CONFIDENCE! He sang but my ear …

Why Is the Nigeria Entertainment Awards and Nigerian Promoters Awards Both Happening on the Same Date?

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I am unsure why Nigerian Promoters Award (NPA) decided to have their event on the same weekend and dates that the Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA) takes place. NEA takes place September 2nd-5th, 2011 NPA takes place September 2nd-5th, 2011 Both have the exact targeted demographic. What sense does this make? Why is this happening? For four years, NEA occurred in …