Sarkodie Releases New Album Cover for ‘Sarkology’ @Sarkodie

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I’m feeling the latest cover for Sarkodie’s third album titled ‘Sarkology.’ “One time for your money!”  For those who dig Sarkodie as much as I do, continue reading. The rest of una carry go. Lol! If I could only understand what he is saying . . .

AML artists notice all the merchandise with ‘Sarks’ inscribed on it i.e. the backpack in the lime green color? Sarkodie launched a clothing line called ‘Sarks’ and he has been modeling his own clothes. #Goodlook #Musicentrepreneursmakingithappen


Sarkodie Releases Sarkology Album Cover

If you have no clue who Sarkodie is, check out some new and prior works

Prior Works

My personal favorite, fell in love and never left.

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