Sinzu on his Recent Release from Federal Prison: “Did the crime, did the time, the past don’t matter…onto other Matters”

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Popular U.S. based Nigerian hip-hop artist Sinzu has been released from federal prison, after serving a sentence for aggravated identity theft. His release was announced last month, but he recently shared a tweet confirming it and admitting responsibility for his criminal conduct. He also promises a new direction for his life by focusing on the music.

“Did the crime, did the time, the past don’t matter, mind over matter, onto other Matters” ~ Sinzu

I agree with everything he says but to be clear, I believe that the past matters to the degree we use it as a way to learn from our mistakes so we don’t repeat it.

In 2014, I conducted an exclusive interview with Sinzu that remains very relevant today and is one of my favorites. In the interview, he talks about the pressure on celebrity artists to present a false persona, including living above their means, leaving success in America to promote his music in Nigeria, the mistakes he made, the unsuccessful partnerships and much more.

Listen in. Welcome back to Sinzu. I wish you clarity of vision, an unwavering confidence in who you are, and the ability to march to the beat of your own drum.

-Ms. Uduak

Podcast Preview:

  • Sinzu’s personal background and involvement in gangs in L.A.
  • How he broke into the music industry
  • What he did to gain recognition in the streets with his music and sell his music.
  • Why he moved to Nigeria.
  • His business relationship with Obi Asika and Storm Records
  • What happened and why he split with Storm.
  • Social media “beef,”  his thoughts on social media.
  • Advice to fellow artists.
  • New music projects.

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